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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What fun!

My sister Sylvia and I both had the day off yesterday, so we decided to have a whole bunch of fun!  We drove up to 100 Mile House (just over 1 hour away from where Sylvia lives in Little Fort), and did a bit of shopping.... including what we needed for this:

This is the "before" -

This is the "During" - gosh it was smelly stuff! -

And this was the "After" - 

 Next time I'll make it just a little darker.....


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Friday, the 13th

Well!  Friday certainly tried very hard to live up to it's reputation.

Two days ago it was January, Friday the 13th.  Went to work as usual, but the day went decidedly strange once I'd gotten there... maybe the full moon the night before gave the day an extra 'whammy'.

I found out that the Little Fort store apparently has several power lines giving it power.  (Presumably because of all the fridges, coolers and freezers, plus all the other electrical gizmos like the tills and the coffee makers and such.) 

Well, somewhere in the North Thompson Valley, not entirely sure what happened, but one of the lines lost power.  Possibly a tree down over the line or something similar (haven't heard yet for sure what caused it)....

In the store, the back half of the store - the lights went out.  We checked the breakers - nope, they were fine.  Along one wall was a F'Real machine (makes milk shakes), a pop machine, two coffee brewing stations, a microwave, and a cappachino machine.  The only thing working was the cappachino, which sits smack in the middle of the lot.  Go figure!

Up by the tills, the lottery machine and the computer were down, but the tills were fine.  Along the 3rd wall were two freezers and one cooler.  They were fine.  In the middle of the room was the coffee stand which had one item plugged in - the Keurig machine.... it was off.  The gas pumps, luckily, were still on.

The water for the building (including the washrooms) runs on pumps from a well.  The ladies washroom had no power, but the men's did.  (The wiring in this place must be really interesting!)

Then, about 20-30 minutes after the initial loss of power, the rest of the power went off... at this point, likely because the Hydro crews had found the issue and cut off the power so that they could safely fix the issue.  It was reported to us that they expected it to be off for 2 hours.  Outside we went to the pumps to put ribbon around blocking them off so customers driving up would see something was going on.  Also put a note on the door and locked the door.

Then we started to move some of the more sensitive stuff to the big walk in freezer... and had just finished doing this, when, and hour earlier than expected, the power came back on... so back went the stuff,  and back outside to remove the ribbon from the pumps and the note from the door. 

Wheeeeeee!  What fun!

Sure made for an interesting day!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 11

Well, so far so good.  Today I worked on my current plastic canvas project.  I also just finished uploading the first 10 patterns.  Check out my new blog - - you'll find a link for it on the left hand side bar of this blog.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Resolutions 2017

Well, here's to a new resolution for this year - or two resolutions, actually.

1. To work on my plastic canvas projects at least once a week, and to (eventually) scan and post all the patterns here in a new blog (I still have to think up an appropriate name for the blog).

2. To post a new message in any of my blogs at least once a month, preferably once a week (or more if I can manage it).

We'll see how well I do.

  -  Oh  -  and Happy New Year to everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Letter 2016

November 30, 2016

Greetings to all,

This past year has gone by much too fast! I can hardly believe it’s almost December. I hope everyone out there is happy and healthy.

I’m enjoying my car immensely, and have put about 23,000 kilometres on it already. Well... 60 km, five times a week adds up pretty quickly... and two trips down to Vancouver and back, which added about 1650. It is soooo nice to have a reliable car.

I also took out a loan at the bank and paid off my credit card debts, and now just need to pay off the loan – but as it is at a much lower interest rate, it won’t take too long to do that. (Oh... and I’ve discovered I like hot flashes!)

Sylvia is doing well – very well in fact. She has a new boyfriend. His name is Brian Baker and he is a truck driver. Very nice man, smart, and a good sense of humour. They will be getting married on January 7, 2017.  Cheeto, Sylvia’s cat, is quite taken with Brian.  He loves sitting on his lap.

Antoon is very busy in the community. He is on the executive of the Food Bank and the Chamber of Commerce, and he is active as a tutor for the local Literacy and Learning program. During the summer he works at the local Ice Cream Parlour, and occasionally works at Sam’s Pizza and Rib House, delivering pizza’s.

Wim still has his paper routes and is busy with several groups – the Senior’s, Crime Stoppers, and the Chamber of Commerce where he is on the executives, and several other groups as well.

Merina lives in Slocan with her daughter Liz and Liz’s husband, Sam. Liz is very into music and has recorded some. Check out her website - – if you want to hear some of her work.

Robert and his wife, Loretta, still live in Vancouver.  Loretta’s parents are still with us and also live in Vancouver, so they will likely stay there as long as they are still around.

If any of you are on FaceBook - is my page and you can find links to most of the rest of us under my ‘friends’ list in FaceBook. If you are on it, but aren’t on the list, send me a ‘friend’ request!

Lots of love to all, from all of us here in Canada.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas letter 2015

Here is a link to this year's Christmas Letter.  Couldn't figure out how to upload a PDF to this blog.

 <iframe src=""></iframe> 

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dreams are funny things....

Yesterday, June 1, was mom's birthday, so I guess it was fitting that I dreamt about mom last night.
The dream started of silly enough (as most dreams do) with me trying to get to the chiropractor's office which had moved to a totally strange place and turned out to be closed when I got there.  Then mom showed up and got in the car with me (with her the driver) and said she wanted to go somewhere special.
We arrived at a location that had some tall, office like buildings and nice landscaping.  One building had what looked like a large bay window showing bookshelves with all sorts of interesting books.  Mom said this was the place, opened up the window (dreams - what can you expect!) and we both managed to squeeze into the small space.  The window closed and the whole thing went down like an elevator.
When it stopped, it opened out to a huge 2-story high room lined with ceiling high bookshelves filled with books of all sizes and descriptions, and lots of people of all ages wandering about.  Mom went off in one direction (probably looking for craft books), and I in another.
I wandered through several rooms, ending up with two that I distinctly remember.
The second to last room was barely lit at all, had a bunch of (mostly) kids in it, and they were about to watch a movie.  In this room the shelves were full, but mostly with all sorts, sizes and colours of bottles.  I sat down to see what the movie would be.  Turned out to be one of the Harry Potter movies.  Having seen all of them... I got up and left through a curtain, behind which was another door to the last room.
Here were the expected books again, but also some commotion, as there was a small dog chasing a cat, and several kids and adults running after both the dog and cat.  I patted the dog, which distracted it long enough for the cat to get away, then looked around to see if  I could find a book to read.
Instead of a book, I noticed a strange object jutting out from one of the walls.  The object was covered in a cloth that sort of looked like a Persian rug, but was very thin like silk.  The object looked remarkably like the snout of something.....  I went over to it to examine it and stroked the cloth (it was very pretty, but now that I'm awake, of course, I can't remember the exact design) and the 'snout' moved!
It turned out it was the nose of a dragon that was behind the wall, and he could only just get his nose into the room.  I awoke around that point, in the middle of giving the dragon a very good nose-rub (and he was purring).
Of course, when I was properly awake, Cleo (my puss) was beside my pillow, purring, so I guess that's where that part of the dream came from.
All in all, a very nice dream - thanks mom, for leading me to a friendly dragon!